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Yellowjacket Drain Inlet Filter

The Yellowjacket is a catch basin insert designed to filter sediment, dirt, and other debris from runoff before it reaches the untreated storm sewer system. Perfect for both grated and combination inlets, the Yellowjacket fits neatly under the grate and is securely attached with two inch webbing straps. Primarily composed of a high performance woven polypropylene geotextile, this filter can be easily removed, rinsed, and reused. Choosing the reusable Yellowjacket Drain Inlet Filter will save your company from wasted time and money spent on buying multiple single use drain filters.


  • Cost Effective, Durable, and Reusable
  • Overflow protection to prevent flooding
  • Attaches securely to the grate with heavy duty straps
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • High visibility yellow straps make it easier for anyone on the jobsite to see that the filter is in place
  • UV resistant
  • Easy to store on site
  • Works with rectangular or square drains
  • Foam backer protects curb inlets which makes the Yellowjacket perfect for combination inlets
  • Hydrocarbon filtering pillows available
  • Using the Yellowjacket on your jobsite will reduce pollutants from entering US waterways and help your company comply with local, state, and federal stormwater regulations.


  • Best seller
Part Number Nominal Size Actual Filter Size Grate Size
YJ22 2’ x 2’ 28” x 28” Fits up to a 2’ x 2’ grate
YJ23 2’ x 3’ 28” x 40” Fits up to a 2’ x 3’ grate
YJ24 2’ x 4’ 28” x 52” Fits up to a 2’ x 4’ grate
YJ33 3’ x 3’ 40” x 40” Fits up to a 3’ x 3’ grate
YJ34 3’ x 4’ 40” x 52” Fits up to a 3’ x 4’ grate

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