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D-Watering Bag

Although pumping out water is a common and necessary construction activity, it can cause stormwater pollution if not done carefully. The D-Watering Bag is an effective device for separating sediment, silt, and debris from pumped water, making sure such contaminants never enter the storm drain system. The D-Watering bag attaches securely to the hose and is designed to accommodate a hose fitting up to 7” in diameter. Made from a nonwoven polypropylene geotextile that is both tear and UV resistant, you can count on this bag to get the job done.


  • UV resistant
  • tear and puncture resistant
  • Made to fit around a variety of hoses
  • Can be easily folded for easy transportation and storage

Part Number Size ** Weight(lbs) *Capacity (yards^3) Material
DWB34 3’ x 4’ 2 lbs. 44 yd^3 Nonwoven Polypropylene
DWB46 4’ x 6’ 3 lbs. 88 yd^3 Nonwoven Polypropylene
DWB69 6’ x 9’ 7 lbs. 2 yd^3 Nonwoven Polypropylene
DWB1010 10’ x 10’ 11 lbs. 3.70 yd^3 Nonwoven Polypropylene
DWB1015 10’ x 15’ 16 lbs. 5.56 yd^3 Nonwoven Polypropylene

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