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Snake Bag

The Snake Bag is an all purpose, long lasting gravel bag. Made from monofilament HDPE yarn, this bag is stronger and more durable than your standard gravel bag. With a length of 48”, the Snake Bag can be wrapped around storm drains to provide inlet protection. With a 50 pound fill of ⅜” pea gravel, this bag is perfect for weighing down heavier items.

Primary Uses

  • Inlet protection
  • Check dams
  • Weighing applications for temporary signage, drain filters, tarps, plastic sheeting, etc.
  • Slope interruption
  • Jobsite perimeter control
  • Stockpile perimeter control
  • Stream and channel protection

  • Sewn shut to prevent spill out
  • Long and flexible enough to wrap around storm drains
  • Bag is made from heavy duty monofilament yarn



Part Number Bag Size Fill Material Amount/pallet Bag Material
SBE (MOQ applies) 11” x 48” EMPTY 7500 Woven Monofilament HDPE
SBF 11” x 48” 50 lbs. ⅜” Pea Gravel 50 Woven Monofilament HDPE

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