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Elima Drip Pad

Eliminate messy granular sorbents and outdated metal pans by using the self weighted Elima Drip Pad, a portable containment system perfect for (minor) oil drips and leaks. Composed of a replaceable absorbent pad encased in a heavy duty vinyl shell, the Elima Drip provides two layers of protection for oil leaks. A UV stabilized mesh layer protects the absorbent pad from degradation in the sun.The Elima Drip’s thin and lightweight design makes it a perfect product to have on hand to use immediately whenever drip containment is warranted.

Primary Uses

  • Place under any vehicle that may possibly experience an oil drip or leak
  • Benchtop protection for tools that may have oil on them



  • Low profile design and flexibility allows it to withstand vehicle rollover
  • Elima-Drip Pad is self-weighted to prevent being blown away
  • Surrounding pocket and mesh overlap ensure that the absorbent pad stays in place
  • Flexibility makes it easy to store have on hand
  • Replacing the absorbent pad in the pocket is simple
  • Surround pocket is reusable
  • Helps you and your jobsite meet SWPPP and DOT good housekeeping guidelines
  • Outer shell is tear resistant and UV resistant
  • Absorbent mat repels water and soaks up only oil and oil based fluids
  • Absorbent mat will not fall apart even when full saturated
Part Number Size Oil Absorbency
EDP3020 30” x 20” (4 lbs) 53 gallons
EDP5020 50” x 20” (8 lbs) 84 gallons
Custom Roll Sizes Available!

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