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Straw Wattle

Straw Wattle is a manufactured tube shaped erosion and sediment control device, made from compressed, weed free straw and wrapped in high strength HDPE netting with UV stabilizers. Our straw wattle is easy to install and can be used to serve a variety of purposes. Straw wattle is often a more economical choice for your erosion and sediment control needs than other options.

Primary Uses

  • Inlet protection
  • Check dams
  • Slope interruption
  • Jobsite perimeter control
  • Stockpile perimeter control
  • Stream and channel protection
  • Fire restoration


  • Spec Sheet

  • Easier to install and more economical than silt fence
  • Versatile in applications
  • UV stabilized netting
  • Retains sediment and holds it on site enabling seeds to settle and germinate, helping aid vegetation growth
  • Flexible and contours to the terrain
  • With biodegradable netting, can be a permanent erosion control option
Part Number Roll Size Netting Type Interior Medium
SW925 9” x 25’ High Density Polyethylen Weed Free Straw
SW1220 12” x 20’ High Density Polyethylen Weed Free Straw
SW1210 12” x 10’ High Density Polyethylen Weed Free Straw
Custom Roll Sizes Available!

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