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Curb Inlet Filter

The Curb Inlet Filter (CIF) is the perfect protection system for your jobsite’s curb or median inlets without grates. Offering two layers of protection, the Curb Inlet Filter will protect your storm drains by filtering sediment, silt and other debris. Designed with a rigid structure and a fillable pouch to be used as an anchor, the CIF will stay securely in place to protect the curb inlet. With a length of 6 feet, our Curb Inlet Filter will already cover most single curb openings, but if a longer length is necessary you can simply attach two or more CIFs together.


  • Practically no installation necessary
  • Six foot length covers most single curb inlets
  • Two or more Curb Inlet Filters can be connected to desired length
  • Two layers of filtration
  • Tear resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Fillable pouch as anchor keeps filter tight against curb inlet
  • Low profile design allows for overflow during heavy storm events

Part Number Nominal Size Actual Filter Size Curb Inlet Size
CIF 6’ x 6” 68” x 6” Fits up to a 4.5 ft. Curb inlet.

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